Acquedotto del Fiora deals with the collection, treatment and distribution of drinking water as a whole, as well as the collection and purification of waste water for all the municipalities of the Province of Grosseto and 27 municipalities of the Province of Siena. Established as a Consortium of Municipalities in July 1983, following a reorganization process in the water sector, AdF first became a Special Company, then a Joint-Stock Company and in 2002 it became the Sole Manager of the Integrated Water Service. Today it is made up of “mixed” public-private societies and manages over 11 thousand kilometres of water network, divided into aqueduct (8 thousand) and sewerage (about 3 thousand), supplying drinking water to about 400 thousand inhabitants, which represent 33% of the entire Tuscany Region. Almost 50% of the water supplied by the company originates from the Fiora springs, located on Mount Amiata. Constantly committed to offering quality services, AdF works sustainably on projects that can improve the quality of life of the territories where it operates. With AdF Green, for example, you can access all the electric mobility services, easily find the Water Houses and experience the area with greater awareness. AdF consists of only three letters, which collect in themselves almost a century of history and development for a good part of the Tuscany Region.

Contact details:

Via G. Mameli, 10

58100 Grosseto.

Tel. (+39) 0564 422611