The Capovetra Spring is located in the municipality of Seggiano, at over 1000 meters above sea level and is among the highest on Mount Amiata. Initially used for agricultural applications, the waters that gush from Capovetra were collected for domestic use only at a later time. By the inhabitants of the mountain it is considered the “best” water of the ancient volcano.

Capovetra is the spring to which the inhabitants of the municipality of Seggiano are very attached. Situated higher than all the other springs, the Capovetra spring is located at about 1100 meters above sea level, in a heavenly corner of the ancient volcano. The excavation works, fundamental to exploit the waters, began in 1952 and were mostly carried out by the men of the area who, armed with chisels and picks, managed to identify the source and therefore to start the water capture works. Initially the waters of Capovetra were used for agricultural applications, only later they were destined for domestic use for the inhabitants of the municipality of Seggiano. The Spring located near the Amiata Great Ring represents a place of peace in the green heart of the ancient volcano, now extinct. Next to it, there is a mountain refuge, recently renovated thanks to an important operation carried out by the Forest Consortium of Mount Amiata. The fresh water that flows without stopping, the beech forest enchanted with lava giants and centuries-old trees paint an enchanted landscape, where absolute peace reigns.