The Spring of Bugnano is born at 970 meters above sea level, upstream of the nearby Spring of Arbure. Already from the first surveys at the end of the 19th century, the water of Bugnano was clear and fresh, capable with its flow rate of 36 litres per second, to be fundamental together with the Arbure Spring, to provide the municipality of Grosseto with drinking water.

The Spring of Bugnano is located in the municipal area of Castel del Piano and, together with Arbure, they represent the 2 main springs that since the end of the 19th century have provided drinking water to the municipality of Grosseto. It was born at 970 meters above sea level and is located upstream from the nearby spring of Arbure. According to a technical report, presented by Professor Canalis to the Ministry of the Interior during the study phase of the springs, in the late 1800s, we read that the Springs of Arbure and Bugnano could ensure more than 100 litres of water per second, a much higher quantity than what the city of Grosseto needed. The municipality of the Maremma capital bought the spring of Bugnano in 1894 and the works began immediately afterwards. Although smaller than the architectural work that protects Arbure, the wall construction that embraces the spring of Bugnano is also impressive. Even today, the spring that flows from the ground represents an extremely important source of water supply for Grosseto. The structure can be visited and the water that loudly gushes out from the wall with great energy offers an unforgettable sight.