The Acqua Gialla reservoir is located in the municipality of Abbadia San Salvatore, at 980 metres above sea level. The spring was discovered in the mid-60s of the last century during some mining activities and for over half a century has been serving thousands of Amiata citizens. His discovery was extraordinary: the mechanical means of the mining company were at work to identify new cinnabar extraction points when, after superficial excavations, a real spring began to gush out from the rocks.

Although the goal was to find solid material from which to obtain mercury, the discovery of water was met with extraordinary amazement, especially because of the vital importance of the water resource. Since 1966 this spring has never stopped providing water and still supplies the town of Abbadia San Salvatore. The proper name of the spring is closely linked to the episode of its discovery. The inhabitants of Abbadia who witnessed the suddenly spillage of the waters narrated that they became yellow after coming into contact with the rust of the mechanical means used for the excavations. For some time the waters kept a yellowish colour, then it disappeared.


The project “Le Vie dell’Acqua” is dedicated to the water resource and the rediscovery of the natural springs of Mount Amiata. On this ancient quiescent volcano the abundant presence of natural springs that gush out in considerable quantities constitute an immeasurable water reserve for a large part of the Region. From spring to spring, the paths identified and traced by professional environmental guides allow you to discover the vital importance of the Amiata waters and to be fascinated by their impetuous descent: from the springs at the top to the taps of the inhabitants of the provinces of Grosseto and Siena. In order to reach the gushing springs you have to cross medieval villages, centuries-old chestnut groves, silver fir woods and finally follow the traces that history and culture have carved in the past of this mountain. Le Vie dell’Acqua is a project that helps to discover the springs of Mount Amiata, promoting a slow and zero impact tourism. It is financed by AdF and Acea and supported by the municipalities of Arcidosso, Abbadia San Salvatore, Castel del Piano, Castiglione d’Orcia, Santa Fiora, Seggiano and Piancastagnaio.