The Burlana spring is located in the territory of Seggiano at about 600 meters above sea level and the operations to capture the waters began in 1959. Thanks to a 21.6 kilometre long pipeline, the gushing waters reach a disconnector building, mix with other spring waters of the Amiata and arrive in Siena.

The waters of the Burlana spring together with those of the sources of the river Ente in the municipality of Arcidosso and of the Ermicciolo in the municipality of Castiglione d’Orcia, are at the service of the city of Siena. The works for the research of this extraordinary pool and for the subsequent capture of its waters began in 1959. For the technicians of the municipality of Siena it was only from the Amiata basin that sufficient water of adequate quality could have been collected for the city. Then the 3 springs were identified which, with a very considerable overall flow rate, would have guaranteed sufficient resources for the growing water needs of the city of Siena.

During the first phase of the works, a series of unexpected events arose. To get around the technical problems that arose during the excavation of the source, closed in a solid trachyte boulder, which was also subject to landslides, a 135-meter-long reinforced concrete tunnel was built. It is only thanks to a pipe with a diameter ranging from 200 to 325 millimetres and about 21.6 kilometres long that the crystalline waters that flow from this natural source can now reach the first load disconnector and flow meter building, mix with other water springs of the Amiata and finally arrive in the city of Siena. Today in the external part of the source it is possible to take a break and surrounded by the green of nature you can regenerate yourself, listening to the thousand sounds of the forest and deciphering the infinite scents of the mountain vegetation.