Ermicciolo and Capovetra Ring

It is a walk of about 10 kilometres inside the magnificent Parco del Vivo. You can take the route starting from the village of Vivo d’Orcia or from the special parking area reachable along the road that leads to Seggiano, about one kilometre from the town. Along the way, you can come across the ruins of an old hydraulic sawmill and walk on the water channels of the “Gorina”: two historical and cultural elements intimately linked to the abundant presence of water.

The route is enriched by a fairy tale forest of chestnut trees, beech trees and some conifers and embellished by the waters that run to form, downstream of the ancient volcano, a suggestive waterfall that ends in the enchanted Scodellino Lake. What is interesting is a narrow path that leads from the church of San Benedetto to the Spring of Capovetra. The paths that enter the suggestive beech forest, among the largest in Europe, allow you to discover different points of landscape interest. The arrival at Fonte Capovetra, with the recently renovated refuge of the same name next to it, gives this adventure a sense of relaxation. On the way back, you can walk the entire cart track to reach the starting point directly and faster.


Itinerary Information

Length: 9.6 km

Duration: 3:50 h

Total ascent: 484m

Total descent: 484m

Difficulty: media

Physical effort: 3/5

Technique: 3/5

Sea Level: From 883 to 1094 m

Best season: all the year