The Ring of the Mills and the Acqua d’Alto waterfall.

It is a path of about 7 kilometres that crosses small villages, laps ancient mills until it reaches a legendary waterfall, that of Acqua d’Alto. The walk, of medium difficulty, starts from the Porta dell’Orologio, located in the heart of Arcidosso and continues towards the small village of Fornaci, once important for the production of bricks. The route is enriched by traces of local history, such as the meeting of the plaque commemorating the birthplace of Davide Lazzaretti, the Christ of the Amiata and the ruins of the “Mulinaccio”, built on the banks of the Ente stream. Along the way, in the locality of Piane, it is possible to drink at the source of Fonte dell’Acqua Bona where a legend has it that the name was given to it by Pia de ‘Tolomei, passing through these parts. Among small mountain villages and roads in the shade of imposing chestnut trees, the arrival at the suggestive waterfall that carries the Amiata waters to Siena is a surprise. On the way back, walkers can admire the ancient factory of the Yellow Earth along winding alleys, where the Terra di Siena colour was produced, the suggestive village of Canali and 2 other ancient mills, examples of human creations linked to the strength of water.

Itinerary Information

Length: 6.6 km

Duration: 1.54 h

Total ascent: 220 m

Total descent: 220m

Difficulty: medium

Commitment: 3/5

Technique: 3/5

Sea level: From 590 to 724 m

Best season: All the year